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Outlook Trust Group Photo

Outlook is a Christian charity that aims to equip the wider church to minister more effectively with the over 60’s.  

Outlook will be involved in this resourcing through:

  • The ministry of our supporters in their communities and churches
  • Our ongoing missional focus
  • The provision of resources/training
  • Engagement with short and long term projects or events
  • The provision and expansion of a national prayer network

We have one full time staff member, two part time staff members and a body of six trustees.

Outlook Trust began life in 1992 as part of a concern to share the Christian faith with over 60’s in the south of England.  News of Outlook’s work quickly spread and we began to have a national impact, being asked to deliver seminars and workshops further and further north.

Our team regularly visit churches and Dioceses, organisations and groups of volunteers and we’re always happy to help.  To have one of our team call you back to discuss seminars, workshops or a visit, simply call us on 07860 856435 or visit the contacts page HERE to fill in the simple form and we’ll get back in touch with you.


Southwell Group
  •     Running church weekends or training events
  •     Training individual groups beginning to work with the elderly
  •     Being a voice for the elderly on some issues and championing their cause
  •     Writing in national publications and sustaining a media prescence where neccessary
  •     Holding training events and days across the UK
  •     Speaking in churches and at gatherings
  •     Resourcing our members
  •     Sharing best practice and ideas

Find Out More
Outlook Trust Group Photo

Outlook Trust specialises in creating insightful and high quality resources for those working with older people. From our 20 year old classic ‘Three Score Years and Then’, to our brand new ‘Pocket Wisdom Series’, this is the place to look for resources to help you and your church or your workplace. To become one of the largest growing memberships in this area in the country, click here too for information about unique discounts for members, membership plans and how this helps us in our work.

Outlook Trust Interactive Bookshelf